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Eduving Porras Molina Venezuelan illustrator who projects his Eduvismo Art Style in Spain


Post: Carolina Isava

With his Eduvismo Art style, this Venezuelan illustrator has created his own universe in which elements of popular culture and imagination coexist, with surprising results, full of color and energy. Undoubtedly, an experience experienced in these Fallas 2023.  ( Fiestas of International Tourist Interest Cultural Heritage of Humanity).

The Venezuelan illustrator, Eduving Porras Molina, is congratulated, because his Eduvismo Art style will continue to be projected at the next Las Fallas Festival in Valencia, in Spain. A celebration of International Tourist Interest and Cultural Heritage of Humanity, in which art and culture go hand in hand to create a magical and special atmosphere in the city of Valencia.

After his successful participation in Illustrating the Book Cover of one of the Fallas participating in such a famous Festival, which was La Falla Sant Roc de Torrent in 2021, nominated at that time for the Mestre Ortifus regional award, the Venezuelan Illustrator originally from Caracas - Venezuela was summoned in 2022 to participate in the illustration of two book covers corresponding to two important Fallas, that of Barre Sant Gregori and La Falla Poble Nou, both from the Valencian Community, the latter being the Falla Poble Nou Awarded at the Falleros Books of the Community of Valencia 2022. Contest promoted by the Generalitat Valenciana to promote the use of Valencian and Tourist in the field of Fallas. 13th regional award for the promotion and use of Valencian.

In this way, Eduving Porras Molina, with an artistic career, proved to be among the most competitive illustrators of the International Call. Deserving to be summoned again for this 2023 by two Fallas, now the Sanevi Falla and San Vicent Falla both from Torrent.

  • In the year 2023, the booklet Falla Sedaví de Torrent, the booklet Falla Poble Nou de Torrent and the booklet Falla Vicente Sancho Tello de Valencia have won the regional award 79 for the promotion and use of the Valencian language convened by the Generalitat Valenciana.

Eduving Porras tells how his career as an Illustrator has been and how his digital development has allowed him to project himself to other continents, "after submitting several sketches to the call, I adjusted the illustrations until I was able to cover the theme of each one of the Fallas, then the Editorial was incorporating elements to the book typical of Eduvism Art” stated the Illustrator.

“I was excited to be nominated among so many participating Fallas from the Community of Valencia Spain where they presented various wonderful covers illustrated by Artists from Europe and part of Asia. It was then that the Editorial in charge of coordinating and preparing Samarucsg Books informed me that we were nominated for the 2022 Valencia Community Fallas Book Awards. Later the Award was made public as the Winning Book of the Torrent Fallas and Winner at the Valencia Community Awards, who that year was named the 2022 World Capital of Design”. I point out the Illustrator Porras, known for his Eduvismo Art Style as Porraso.

“The new projects are diverse. With the characteristics of my Eduvismo Art Style, I am present in various brands in the Fashion environment projecting on a global scale where my illustrations are supported by great Fashion Designers who have incorporated my Illustrations into their creations, some of them being commercial successes» Porraso tells us.

This Venezuelan Artist has developed a very colorful and cheerful versatile style that covers various themes and characters that adapt to different artistic platforms, thus encouraging new Illustrators to project themselves and develop their own style.

Currently Eduving Porras works as a Brand Designer for an American company in the State of Florida in the United States and at the same time he makes Illustrations for Major World Brands in the world of fashion such as SHEIN and SHOPVIDA. 

«My intention as an Illustrator is to inspire new illustrator artists so that they continue to enjoy what they do: "Create" and develop their own style which will allow them to flow and cheer many people with their ways of seeing life through of their jobs."

This young Venezuelan artist has managed to captivate the public with his original Eduvismo Art style, a technique in which he uses elements of classical painting, such as textures and contrasts, and fuses them with influences from pop art and urban culture.

Eduving Porras Molina is one of the most innovative and promising illustrators on the current art scene, and his presence at the Fallas in Valencia is a great opportunity to publicize his work and enhance the joy and color characteristic of his Art.

With his Eduvismo Art style, he has created his own universe in which elements of popular culture and imagination coexist, with surprising results, full of color and energy. Without a doubt, an experience experienced in these Fallas 2023.

The presence of Eduving Porras Molina in this event is a recognition of his talent and his work, and a great step forward for this Venezuelan artist who promises with his work within one of the most important cultural events in the world.





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