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Eduving Porras Molina is a Venezuelan graphic artist and illustrator who created the style of Eduvismo Art, which features geometric and colorful shapes. He has participated in various fashion campaigns and contests and has an Instagram account with over 8,000 followers where he showcases his art. He also sells his artwork on Fine Art America.
He recently won a prize for his entry in the Tropical Paradise Contest organized by Shein X.

Eduvismo Art is a style of geometric art that is colorful and versatile, created by Eduving Porras Molina. He uses shapes, lines, and patterns to create abstract compositions that can be applied to different media, such as fashion, home decor, or digital art. He has a website where he displays his work and offers his services. He also sells some of his products on VIDA  and Etsy.

You can hire Eduving Porras for a project by contacting him through his website, his Instagram account, or his Behance profile. He specializes in visual communication and design, website design and management, and illustrations that merge with minimalist and fantastic elements. He has experience in creating art for fashion campaigns and other media.

Eduving Porras has created art for several fashion campaigns, mainly for the online clothing brand Shein X. He has collaborated with different fashion designers and participated in various collections for the brand. He has a section on his website where he showcases some of his projects for Shein X. He also posts some of his fashion-related artwork on his Instagram account. One of his recent works was for the Nike at Eduvismo Art Project 2023, which he displayed on his Behance profile.

Eduving Porras Molina has several social media accounts where he shares his art and interacts with his followers. His main platform is Instagram, where he has over 10k followers and posts his latest works and collaborations. He also has a Behance profile, where he displays some of his projects and portfolios. He recently created a Twitter account, where he tweets about his art and other topics. He also has a Facebook page, where he posts some of his products and events.


Eduving Porras Molina 2024

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Eduvismo Art - United States 2024

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