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Eduving Porras Molina paints life in full color



With more than 30 years of experience in the graphic world, the Venezuelan Eduving Porras Molina has developed his own style that he called "Eduvismo Art"



MIAMI — The work of visual artist Eduving Porras Molina is an explosion of color and imagination, but above all a celebration of life. Porras Molina, born in Caracas, Venezuela, in 1976, has studies in Graphic Design and Advertising Marketing, and has more than 30 years of experience in the graphic world, with a style he has called "Eduvismo Art". Now, with residence in South Florida since 2016, he projects his creation internationally and his work has fallen in love with fashion brands that reproduce his cheerful designs.

The Venezuelan illustrator told DIARIO LAS AMÉRICAS about his style and references within the visual arts. It all started during his childhood, when the possibility of drawing prompted him to hasten his learning. So it was that, before the time came to receive lessons to learn to write, Eduving Porras Molina wrote his first words after his father, Hernan Porras Tovar, told him that writing "was like drawing."

How have you polished your style? With dedication and good teachers. As he said, he has been inspired "by the master Pablo Picasso, in all his stages, and by other greats such as the Venezuelans Pedro León Zapata, Oswaldo Vigas, Carlos Cruz Diez and Armando Reverón". In fact, he studied Graphic Design at the Cristóbal Rojas School of Visual Arts in Caracas, where Cruz Diez and Reverón studied, among other visual arts teachers. In addition, Porras Molina complemented his training at the Institute of Industrial Administration IUTA in Caracas, in Advertising and Marketing, where he later worked as a teacher teaching classes in various subjects.

As his style has navigated through several stages, it is possible to identify in his illustrations and pictorial works features of Cubism, which the artist has developed to conceive what he calls "Eduvismo Art", a seal of his own that is characterized by figurative pieces in which he combines strong lines and curves, saturated colors, images reminiscent of cartoons and works that generally play with playful and even childish springs. Hence, much of his work inspires joy.

One of the questions that often arises among those who approach artists is where they get the inspiration to create their pieces. In her case, she confessed that women and what they can symbolize are a determining engine within her creative process. "As a starting point for my illustration pieces are women, because they represent for me the most beautiful and powerful and are able to be everywhere doing any activity and giving their beautiful and delicate touch to everything around us," said the creator.

Around the moment of concretizing his ideas, he first captures them in his gridded notebook "through a detailed drawing". Then comes a process in which he digitizes that material on the tablet "creating dynamic lines and shapes that enclose the characteristic color of my style. And if I really like what I created, I translate it on canvas and acrylic."

Indeed, his works are versatile enough to appear in digital illustrations, on canvases and also in numerous everyday pieces that acquire an artistic and vibrant dimension. Thus, his art is able to adapt, among other elements, to clothing, bags, phone cases, costume jewelry, home decorations, and kitchen utensils such as tablecloths, napkins and plates.

Acknowledgments and new project

The artist has collaborated with his colorful designs with fashion brands such as Shein and Shop Vida, who have used his designs for different garments, as well as everyday accessories. In Shein he was awarded for his designs within the contest "Love From The He(art)".

In addition, he has contributed his art to the famous Fallas of Valencia, which are part of the Cultural Heritage of Humanity. In fact, his cover for the Falla Sant Roc de Torrent was nominated in 2021 for the Mestre Ortifus Awards. From the success with that cover he has continued to collaborate in other editions of the books of the Fallas.

Among the projects he organizes at this time is the creation of a series of tutorials on his YouTube channel called @eduvismoart. "There will be 10 modules that I will later carry out in person and will be composed to encourage new illustrators to develop their own style."

Finally, the artist expressed his willingness to collaborate with entities or people interested in his style, so that he can continue to expand his creation under the colorful seal of "Eduvismo Art".

You can see more of the artist's work on his website, Behance, on LinkedIn, YouTube or Instagram.

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